You Won’t BELIEVE How is Covering Avenatti’s Domestic Violence Arrest…

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by Sheri Urban

As 24News reported earlier, “Creepy Porn Lawyer”, anti-Trump activist, and “CNN legal analyst” Michael Avenatti was arrested by Los Angeles Police Wednesday on suspicion of felony domestic violence, for leaving a woman “swollen and bruised” after an incident in a L.A. high rise.

Every network is covering the bombshell arrest on air and on their websites. Not just FoxNews, but NBCNews, CBSNews, ABCNews, Reuters, BBC, and on and on.

Even ultra-liberal MSNBC is reporting it (prominently, as their top story):


But a full two hours after their favorite lawyer — who they paid tens of thousands as their exclusive on-air “analyst”  — was put in handcuffs, looked like this


Not the top story. Not a minor story. Not one word about it. Like it never even happened.

CNN: the very definition of “FAKE NEWS.” 


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