Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Complains That Media Is Targeting Her Personal Life

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by Jenn Carter

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loves to get in our faces — it’s hard not to see her on TV or social media on any day — and her politics are aimed squarely at wanting to control every single aspect of the lives of American citizens.

But when the media takes a closer look at her own life and background, we find she is just as hypocritical as she is with her “Green New Deal.”

You see, AOC is claiming that the media is “targeting” people in her personal life, something she suggests has been unfairly reserved for those close to her.

Of course, this is mostly because these stories paint her in an unfavorable, or hypocritical light. First was the story that her own mother left New York for Florida to escape the “insanely high” taxes Democrats put in place.

Then of course came the story that AOC unlawfully “laundered” cash to her boyfriend through her own campaign coffers, which has triggered a Federal Elections Commission complaint.

Now the Big Apple Marxist’s beef is with an article in The Hill, which featured excerpts from an interview her mother had conducted with the Daily Mail.

The article focused on comments Blanca Ocasio-Cortez made expressing her desire for the freshman congresswoman to get married.

“You know, when I got to DC I was told that it’s considered ‘off-limits’ to report on a member’s family, love life, etc.,” the younger Ocasio-Cortez objected to the coverage. “Unsure why that consideration is suspended for me.”

The unspoken implication here is, of course, that it must be due to systemic misogyny in the media.

Always the victim, in her own mind.

Why Her Whining Is Absurd

Two counterpoints here:

One, her mother agreed to do the interview with the Daily Mail. If Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t want her family to be reported on, then perhaps she should notify her family.

Second – The notion that any decorum when it comes to family coverage has been suspended for the congresswoman alone is off the charts absurd.

How were the Bush twins treated throughout his presidency? Has Barron Trump been off limits since 2016?

Granted, she mentioned ‘members’ specifically, but we can even locate examples in that regard as well.

Does anyone recall the Washington Post editorial cartoon that depicted Ted Cruz’s daughters as dancing monkeys? Even more recently, Rep. Paul Gosar saw the media spread campaign videosfor his opposition which featured attacks from his own siblings saying he was unfit for office.

Should Probably Worry More About Her Boyfriend

Perhaps Ocasio-Cortez should worry about slightly more pressing matters involving her family and love life.

Specifically, payments made to Riley Roberts, the boyfriend of Ocasio-Cortez, have spurred an FEC complaint filing from a Republican group, along with reports that he was issued a congressional email account which violates House ethics rules.

She and her chief of staff have also been accused of illegally funneling nearly $1 million in campaign contributions to privately owned companies.

It’s pretty clear that Mom is to be the least of her concerns.


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