After FoxNews Drops Judge Jeanine, You Won’t Believe Who They Just Hired

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by Jenn Carter

The unraveling of FoxNews Channel is happening so fast we can hardly keep up with it here.

First there was the attempt to link President Trump to the New Zealand mosque killer by Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. Then FoxNews yanked Judge Jeanine Pirro’s popular weekend show for 2nd week just for speaking the truth about Islamic Sharia Law.

Now they have gone completely over to the dark side, hiring former DNC Chair Donna Brazille — who admitted cheating for Hillary, giving her CNN anchor’s debate questions prior to debates, despite being a paid analyst on that network. Brazille also helped the DNC crush Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for Clinton via repeated campaign violations.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Bizarrely, after Twitter FoxNews fans expressed outrage today, Fox put out Howard Kurtz to relate that they hired Brazille because the audience doesn’t hear enough from the left


As if Wallace and Trump-hater Shepard Smith, their new leftist weekend hosts, and an entire network critical of Trump’s immigration positions, aren’t bad enough.

Face palm.


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