WATCH: Good Girl with a Gun Takes Care of Business When Man Attacks Her on Quiet Street

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by Sheri Urban

Last Sunday night a man in a car stalked a young female on a dark empty street near midnight. She was alone, and limping. A perfect target.

When she started to cross the street, he made his move, pulled over and got out to attack her. But unlike so many women who are raped, robbed or murdered in a dangerous city like Sao Paulo, Brazil, this girl was armed and ready for him.

As he grabbed her, she moved backward, took out her gun and fired once. Point blank.

That’s all it took. WATCH:

The woman, who turned out to be an off-duty police officer, and despite a recent knee injury, and under weighing her attacker by nearly 100 pounds, was able to (barely) maneuver enough to access her 9mm handgun and keep her aim true.


The attacker, who police say had prior convictions for sexual assault and robbery, died at the scene.

He picked the wrong woman to mess with. It is hard to get guns legally in Brazil — unless you are a cop or a crook. It is generally illegal to carry one outside the home, and licenses are very expensive.

But not so in the United States, where thank God our 2nd Amendment protects our right to bear arms. I urge my fellow sisters — and all citizens — to be like this awesome female and refuse to be a victim. Get a gun, train and practice, and be prepared to deliver lethal force when required.


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