Rep. Omar Claims Life in USA is an “Everyday Assault,” Twitter Strikes Back HARD

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by Sheri Urban

Rep. Ilhan Omar is now claiming that living in the USA is like an “everyday assault” and that she feels demonized, threatened and vilified, as reports:

“It’s an everyday assault. Every day, a part of your identity is threatened, demonized, and vilified. Trump is tapping into an ugly part of our society and freeing its ugliness,” she told Vogue Arabia.

“It’s been a challenge to try to figure out how to continue the inclusion; how to show up every day and make sure that people who identify with all the marginalized identities I carry, feel represented,” she continued.

“It’s transitioning from the idea of constantly resisting to insisting in upholding the values we share — that this is a society that was built on the idea that you could start anew. And what that celebrates is immigrant heritage.”

As you might expect reaction to Rep. Omar’s claim was swift and brutal — but NOT just from the right-wing.

Criticism of Omar quickly put her shameful claim in the top trends — and sentiment ran a stunning 14-to-1 against her, according to social media ratings firm TotalData. Not the reaction she was expecting.

Seems that a majority of Americans are really getting sick and tired of this ungrateful woman who has been handed everything by America.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, the new face of the Democratic Party and a gift that keeps on giving…to Republicans!

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