Ilhan Omar Working Behind the Scenes For Release Of Top Terrorist Leader

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by Jenn Carter

Anti-Semitic Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar is taking a break from calling President Donald Trump a racist and Islamophobe, and actually asking for his help — to work to free a “political prisoner.”

Except what Ilhan does not mention is that the prisoner, sentenced for 50 years in a jail in Egypt, is there for a very good reason.

She is a terrorist and top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yep, you heard right. The Democrats’ Sharia Princess wants a terrorist and sworn enemy of America released from prison.

The prisoner she is begging President Trump to help her free is Hoda Abdelmonem, a leader in the terrorist group The Muslim Brotherhood.

“I recently met with @jkbadawy and @thefreedomi to talk about Hoda Abdelmonem, a political prisoner in Egypt,” she said.

“I hope that Trump brings up her case in his meeting with the regime that has imprisoned her. We must work to #FreeHoda,” she said.

Omar was quickly called out on her shocking request by conservative writer Jordan Schachtel who gave it to her straight.

“I just confirmed: Hoda Abdelmonem is a ***senior female leader**** of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Why is an American congresswoman advocating for an Islamist activist?” a stunned Schachtel asked.

Abdelmonem and her allies have been linked to everything from the mass murder of Coptic Christians and burning their churches, to terror attacks in Egypt and North Africa, helping ISIS in Libya, unleashing the migrant wave upon Europe, and trying to overthrow the President of Egypt Al-Sisi.

And that’s who Ilhan Omar wants released from jail. Not an African-American over-sentenced for a drug crime. Not a U.S. veteran with PTSD in jail for committing crimes as a result of his illness. NO…a foreign terrorist leader


Schachtel continued:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is classified as a terrorist organization in several nations, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Russia, Egypt, and Bahrain. The group has spawnedthe likes of deceased Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS,”

Schachtel concluded. “Republicans in Congress continue to push legislation and directly appeal to President Trump to classify the MB as a foreign terrorist organization, given its tendency for violence and the group’s extremist, anti-American philosophy.”

“Abdelmonem remains an influential figure and a senior leader in the Islamist outfit, and the campaign for her release has been a top priority item for Muslim Brotherhood-aligned individuals, groups, and governments,” Schachtel said form The Conservative Review.

“Muslim Brotherhood-tied media networks such as Al Jazeera have dedicated nonstop coverage to this issue, often falsely portraying the Islamist activist as a human rights advocate.

It’s not the first time Omar has demanded leniency for terrorists.

In 2016, Omar asked U.S. District Judge Michael J. Davis for leniency and compassion in the sentencing of “9 Minnesota men charged with planning to join ISIS,” Fox 9 reported.

She was rightfully excoriated on Twitter:

Yeah right. Expecting consistency from Hollyweird celebs? Fuggetaboutit!

Nailed it.

People have gone to prison for less than this. Will anything happen to her? I seriously doubt it.


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