Candace Owens Goes Before Congress, Torches Race-Baiting Democrat For All to See

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Candace Owens take on the Democrats (as her very proud grandfather looks on)

by Sheri Urban

Ted Lieu might be the most dishonest Democrat in Congress and that’s saying something. It’s always nice to see him called out whenever he tells an egregious lie and he sure seems to tell a lot of them.

On Tuesday, Black conservative Candace Owens was in D.C. to talk to Congress about hate crimes and he decided he’d try to pretend she supports Hitler by telling a whopper of a lie.

She nailed it.

What was Nadler’s deal too? He clearly wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying and he kind of just shrugged and admitted it when he was called out.

And that was NOT all. Owens’ entire testimony was a tour-de-force of Black conservatism against the modern, race-baiting, dishonest Democrat party.

Here’s more…

Lieu knows he got wrecked which is probably why he’s still tweeting about it.


Obviously, every rational person who saw the original clip of Candace knows she wasn’t supporting Nazis or the Holocaust. It’s silly to pretend otherwise. Lieu knows that. He’s just a dishonest person.


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