VIRAL VIDEO: McDonald’s Security Guard Attacked By Two Men; Situation Changes Dramatically When He Draws His Gun

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by Bryce Conner

Cell phone video taken from inside a Chicago McDonald’s on Saturday afternoon shows two young men attacking an older security guard outside the building, punching him and grappling with him.

But when the guard draws his firearm to ward off the men, the situation changes dramatically — both outside and inside the restaurant.

The footage, posted on YouTube earlier this week (below), has begun to gain some attention online, in part due to CWB Chicago and other sites, including Red State, reporting on the wild footage.

In an update to its initial coverage, CWB Chicago reported Tuesday afternoon that Chicago police have provided them more information about the incident since they first reported on the video Monday.

“The security guard, a suburban policeman, was on-duty for the McDonald’s restaurant Saturday afternoon,” the outlet reports. “He was leading the two men out of the restaurant when one of them struck the guard on the head with a glass bottle, police said.”

The struggle that followed the alleged bottle attack can be seen in video taken from inside the McDonald’s, located at 10 East Chicago Ave. The two alleged attackers, who are both young African American men, are struggling with the security guard, an older white man, whom they shove against the exterior wall of the restaurant and attempt to punch. One of the young men dislodges something from the guard’s hand as the three move past the large window.

Inside the restaurant, some people can be heard beginning to take note of the attack, but the response is stunningly muted — despite the level of violence — and no one comes out to try to de-escalate the situation


One of the young men picks up what he knocked from the guard’s hand, apparently pepper spray, and briefly aims it at the guard.

Suddenly, the two young men rapidly distance themselves from the guard. A large ad in the window partly obscures the view, but soon it becomes clear why the two young men have gone from attacking to fleeing: the guard has drawn a handgun.

Only then when a gun is seen in the guard’s hand do the people inside start frantically screaming “Stop!” and “No! No!”

But the guard appears to have only drawn the weapon to frighten away the two men. He walks with the gun drawn as the two men keep their distance, then rapidly walk away from the scene. No shots are fired.

CWB Chicago reports that a spokesperson told them that they were called to respond to the alarming incident, but said the two alleged attackers were gone by the time they arrived on the scene. McDonald’s also issued a statement, saying simply that they were continuing to take “appropriate measures to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers.”

“The security guard was treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital,” the outlet reports.

CWB Chicago notes that the incident took place on the same day that police arrested 21 people in the area for “mob” activity.

Video below posted by CWB Chicago:


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