Candace Owens Destroys ‘Civil Rights’ Leader In Fiery Debate

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by Sheri Urban

Fresh off her utter destruction of House Democrats, Candace Owens, the young black woman who is heading the Blexit movement, has been taking no prisoners and liberals are very afraid.

She was at it again on Wednesday when she appear on the Fox News program The Ingraham Angle where she squared off with so-called Civil Rights leader Leo Terrell.

Laura Ingraham attempted to play referee as the two talked over each other and engaged in a screaming match.

Owens was hammering Terrel with facts that he could not defend so instead Terrell kept hitting Owens with personal attacks.

Amen to that. Democrats thought they could bait her into self-destruction at their hearing on “white surpremacy.” But all they did was give her an even BIGGER platform to hurt them with Black voters by opening their eyes to left-wing Democrat hypocrisy.

You go girl!


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