Officials Question ‘Official Story’ for Notre Dame Fire, FoxNews Anchors CUT THEM OFF

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by Jenn Carter

The media is circling the wagons over the Notre Dame fire, and even FoxNews has joined in the enforced groupthink.

As I detailed in a prior article, the only explanation for Monday’s monstrous fire and destruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is that it was a “construction accident.”

This, despite the fact that, as French police confirmed, there were no construction workers on-site at the time of the fire, and that there had been a series of arson attacks and desecration of other French churches in the past three months.

But on all of the mainstream media, these facts are not being reported, and — apparently — can not even be discussed on air.

On FoxNews this afternoon, anchor Shepard Smith was dutifully reporting the “construction work” that likely caused the fire (and it may well have done so).

Then Shep brought on an actual French elected official, Philippe Karsenty, who one would think would have a bit more knowledge about a incident in France than would an American newsreader.

Mr. Karsenty discussed his horror at the legendary cathedral’s near-total destruction. But then he merely mentioned the fact that it may well have been arson or even terrorism — and all hell broke loose.

“Even the Nazis didn’t dare destroy it [Notre Dame cathedral],” Karsenty said. “And you have to know for the last year we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France so of course you will hear the story of the politically correct which will tell you it is probably an accident.

Shepard Smith immediately cut off Karsenty — “Sir. Sir! Sir! We’re not going to speculate here of the cause of something for which we don’t know.”

Shepard Smith would not let the guest speak and eventually ended the call saying, “No sir, not here, not on my watch!”



As 24News reported, churches across France have been getting desecrated for months, including vandalism and arson.

In mid-March, the historic Church of St. Sulpice in Paris was set on fire shortly after mass on Sunday,  Le Parisienreported — it was suspected to be arson.

In February, at the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Houilles, in France, a statue of the Virgin Mary was found smashed, and the altar cross had been thrown on the ground, according to  La Croix International.

Many other reports of vandalism to churches in France detailed Crosses and statues of Saints smashed.

UPDATE: FoxNews host Neil Cavuto just did it too!

Cavuto literally hung up on Catholic League president Bill Donahue for even speculating that this could have been a deliberate act.

THIS is “fair and balanced”?

If only Fox News shut down people speculating about Russia collusion the way they cut off their guests speculating the Notre Dame fire was not an accident.

Truly sad state of affairs for a once-great news network.


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