Ocasio-Cortez Tries To Attack ‘GOP’ Lawmaker As Creepy, Backfires Big-Time

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by Sheri Urban

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tried to suggest a “GOP” lawmaker was being creepy for taking a picture next to a poster cutout of her in a widely-shared tweet.

But karma snapped back hard when AOC was widely mocked for not realizing that the lawmaker was actually a Democrat.

And one of the most senior House Democrats in Congress, at that!

The Kentucky Republican Party posted a picture of Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) next to a cutout poster of Ocasio-Cortez in a tweet, writing: “#ThrowbackThursday last month the socialists threatened the lone #Kentucky #Democrat in Congress if he didn’t bend to their radical, extremist will: looks like @AOC and #socialism are calling the shots for @KyDems now!”

Without even bothering to read the tweet, let alone who was posting it, AOC let fly an uner-snarky slap-back (or so she thought):

“Nobody: [silence] GOP: Let’s pose our older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators.”


Even worse for AOC, just a few minutes before she embarrassed herself on Twitter, she was attacking Republicans for “bad-faith attacking” her ideas, claiming that Republicans were behaving like “1st grade readers.”

Um…..yeah. Aged real well…

Ocasio-Cortez was widely mocked for her not knowing who her Democrat colleagues in Congress were and eventually deleted the tweet.

By the way, the colleague she didn’t know was only the powerful Chairman of the House Budget Committee — one of the 6 most senior Democrats.


Hey, cut her some slack, Nate. After all, a year ago she only needed to remember names like “Captain Morgan” and “Jack Daniels.”


Davis added: “Nobody: [silent] AOC: iM sMaRt i cAn hAnDLe tHiNgS”


But it gets EVEN WORSE for Alexandria.

Laslie Clark reminded AOC that she is a co-sponsor of legislation introduced by Yarmuth earlier this month — and Yarmuth is also a member of the Progressive Caucus.

Ocasio-Cortez’s latest embarrassing moment on social media comes after she stated two weeks ago that she was cutting back on social media after she suggested that it was taking a toll on her.

Given that this is the first time we can recall her ever deleting a tweet, looks like she will be hiding behind the bar for some time to come.


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