Pelosi: We Cannot ‘Accept’ a Second Term for Donald Trump

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by Jenn Carter

Just one day after Hillary Clinton claimed the 2016 election was “stolen” from her, the Democrat leader in Congress actually came out and said that her party “cannot accept” the re-election of President Trump in 2020.

Tuesday at Cornell University’s Institute of Politics & Global Affairs Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Democrats could not “accept a second term for Donald Trump.”

Pelosi said, “We have to make sure — this will sound political but we have to make sure that the Constitution wins the next presidential election. We can’t be worrying about well, how long is this going to take? Well, that will take as long as it does. And we will press the case so that in the court of public opinion people will know what is right. But we cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump if we are going to be faithful to our democracy and to the Constitution of the United States.
And that is just the fact.



Unbelievable. Fealty to the “Constitution” means treason against a duly-elected president.

So a Russian entity allegedly spent $110,000 on Facebook ads in 2016 which tried (and failed) to cause chaos in the U.S. elections, and we got a 2-year Mueller witch hunt of the fairly-elected President as a result. But now we have senior Democrats actually stating they will not accept the results of the next election. And the media reaction? CRICKETS.

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