London Mayor Attacks Trump, Queen Elizabeth Fires Back Big Time

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by Sheri Urban

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been attacking President Donald Trump non stop since his visit to England was announced.

But now, Queen Elizabeth II gave the mayor a swift kick in the pants by embarrassing him by scratching his name off the guest list for the event!

 The Express reported:

Labour’s Mr Khan was left off the guest list by the Monarch, despite announcing he would be happy to meet the American. Mr Khan’s spokesman, Jonathan Weisgard, told Newsweek: “The mayor has not been invited to the state banquet.” Invitations were sent to Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who both declined to attend.

Mr Khan and Mr Trump have clashed on numerous occasions in the run-up to the President’s second state visit, the first being last year.

Mr Khan, who has been condemned by Mr Trump for London’s knife crime epidemic, agreed to allow a blimp of the Republican to fly over the Capital in protest to his last visit….

In protest of Mr Khan’s decision to allow the blimp to fly over London, a second blimp was made that also depicted the major as a giant baby was flown over the city.

Whether the so-called ‘Trump Baby Blimp’ will be used again for the state visit planned for early next month remains unknown.

President Trump also locked horns with Mr Khan over his controversial decision to attempt to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US in response to terrorism.

Khan has been hammering President Trump and using him as a way to score points in his liberal city, Fox News reported.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said President Trump was not “in the same class” as his predecessors ahead of the commander in chief’s state visit to the United Kingdom next month.

In a recent interview with British radio station LBC, Khan was asked about Trump’s state visit.


“Of course we should have a close relationship with the president of the United States, but we shouldn’t be rolling out the red carpet; we shouldn’t have a state banquet,” Khan said.

“History tells us only two presidents have had a state visit,” the mayor said.

“I think President Trump is certainly not in the same class as those two,” he continued, referring to former President George W. Bush and former President Barack Obama. Bush visited in 2003 while Obama went in 2011.

Khan told the host that he would not go to the state dinner if he was invited and approved of Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s decision not to attend the event.

The mayor said he had an issue with how Trump talked about women.

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