Barr Mocks Pelosi with Savage Burn That Leaves All D.C. Laughing at Her

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by Jenn Carter

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become unhinged lately in the face of a muscular Trump Administration defying the Democrat House in their demands for records, and threats to impeach everyone from Attorney General Bill Barr to the President himself.

Last week Pelosi said that Democrats “cannot accept” a second term for Donald Trump. And Pelosi also said she has “a little jail” in the basement of the Capitol where she could possibly put Trump officials she “arrests.”

Well today, at a memorial gathering for fallen police officers in Washington, D.C., Attorney General Barr mocked Pelosi to her face, and it was truly masterful.

According to multiple reporters, Barr shook hands with Pelosi and said loudly “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?”


Pelosi tried to clap him back, saying that the House Sergeant at Arms was there if needed for an arrest.

But Barr’s message was heard loud and clear by all in D.C.: Pelosi’s threats are weak and hollow, and the administration is not intimidated at all

by House Democrats fake “investigations” or subpoenas regarding the Russia hoax.

Masterful. There’s a new Sheriff in town, and it he’s making it clear he’s not taking any crap.


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