Ilhan Omar Goes After Ben Carson. He Crushes Her with a Single Tweet

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by Sheri Urban

On Tuesday, radical Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) went after HUD Secretary Ben Carson, trying to ridicule him with a tweet supporting one of her fellow freshman Democrat colleagues.

But she didn’t count on Dr. Carson swift and brutal response that lit up Twitter all day.

Carson had a contentious exchange with hard-left Congressman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) during which she insulted him by telling him he was “unqualified” for his job and said he was “carrying the water of what I believe to be one of the most morally bankrupt presidents in our nation’s history.”

In one particularly sharp sequence, Pressley berated Carson by reading from a script prepared by her staff — a common tactic among herself, Rep. Occasio-Cortez and Omar.

A clearly bored and irritated Carson refused to cave, refusing to answer her and pointing out how her “questions” were clearly not her own.

Carson: Can you ask me some questions yourself and stop reading ones from your staff?”

Pressley: You don’t get to dictate what my line of questioning is. Reclaiming my time. You’re a very smart man.

Carson: You can reclaim it all you want.

Pressley: You’re a very smart man. You understand the question, Please answer it. Yes or no: if left unaddressed … do you believe the substandard housing conditions pose a risk to tenants’ physical, mental and emotional health?”

Carson: You already know the answer to that.

Pressley: Yes or no.

Carson: You know the answer.

Pressley: Yes or no. I know the answer. Do you know the answer? Yes or no.

Carson: Reclaiming my time.

Pressley: You don’t get to do that.

Chairwoman Maxine Waters: The time belong to the gentle lady.

Advantage Carson for keeping his cool, while Pressley appeared rattled and needed Mad Maxine to rescue her.


But Ilhan Omar took Carson’s cool as “sleepy” and immediately sent out a Tweet saying just that:

Seems Omar forgot who she had just tried to insult — one of the world’s foremost pediatric neurological surgeons.

Carson hit her back in the most brutal way, referencing both his experience saving lives, and Omar’s total disregard for life by supporting late-term abortions up to the moment of birth:

BOOM! And judging by his 10-to-1 whipping of her in Twitter likes, I’d say he won both the social media battle, in addition to the moral one.

The Twitterverse agreed with the good doctor, and then some:


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