Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Posting ‘Doctored’ Video Of Her Stammering, NBC Instantly Exposes Her Lie

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by Sheri Urban

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her allies are enraged at President Trump, after he tweeted a video with this caption: “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” with a video clip from the FoxBusiness Channel.

Take a look.

The video quickly racked up nearly 4 million views.

But it didn’t take long for Pelosi’s camp and Democrats to allege that the video was altered — a new tactic Democrats have used in recent months when embarrassing footage emerges.

“Hours before the posting of this doctored video, @washingtonpost reports that doctored Pelosi videos are multiplying across social media,” Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Drew Hammill wrote.

Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, also called the video “fake.” “Fake video altered for speed- just like you did to Acosta,” she wrote on Twitter, referring to CNN Jim Acosta. “Dig deeper — you can give the presidency more respect than this.”

But in order to perpetuate this lie, Democrats rely on the media to back up their narrative. Unfortunately for Crazy Nancy, NBC News did not cooperate:

Hany Farid, a computer-science professor and digital-forensics expert at University of California, Berkeley, told The Post that there was no doubt that video had been edited,” NBC News reports. “But he said he believed the video Trump tweeted Thursday had not been slowed down.

“Unlike the video referred to in The Washington Post article, I don’t believe that this video montage was slowed down. This montage, however, is somewhat deceptive as it compiles in rapid succession relatively small verbal stumbles in an attempt to portray Speaker Pelosi as stumbling through her press conference,” Farid told NBC.


OUCH. Narrative destroyed.

The Post had published a story with a video that was circulating on social media. That video was allegedly altered to make it sound as if Pelosi was slurring her words, The Post reported.

But Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s lawyers, defended the president and mocked Pelosi for the video, which he called a “caricature exaggerating her already halting speech pattern.”

Trump and Pelosi have been at war since the president walked out of a White House meeting on Wednesday.

“In a letter to her House colleagues, Pelosi said: ‘President Trump had a temper tantrum for us all to see.’ This is not true. I was purposely very polite and calm, much as I was minutes later with the press in the Rose Garden. Can be easily proven. It is all such a lie!” Trump wrote Thursday on Twitter.

Trump also said on Twitter: “I was extremely calm yesterday with my meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, knowing that they would say I was raging, which they always do, along with their partner, the Fake News Media. Well, so many stories about the meeting use the Rage narrative anyway – Fake & Corrupt Press!”

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