‘Snippy’ Jerry Nadler Throws ‘Hissy Fit’ Over Cheese on His Hamburger

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by Joe Callen

House Judiciary Committee chairman and impeachment scam ringleader Jerry Nadler is reportedly quite a diva.

Nadler, who is reportedly away from Washington to tend to a family emergency, was spotted on a DC-bound Amtrak train by Brad Blakeman, a former George W. Bush aide and regular Fox News guest.

“Look who is on my Amtrak Acela train from NYC to DC!” Blakeman wrote on Facebook earlier today with two photos of Nadler standing in the aisle.

“I witnessed first hand Nadler’s snippy sense of entitlement when I caught up with him in the Cafe Car. He demanded that the attendant take t he cheese off his hamburger before serving him. When she hesitated he had a hissy fit.


It got worse from there.

“She told him: ‘calm down sir.’ That only got him more pissed. At that point I left with my order. What an A-hole,” Blakeman wrote.

Two other passengers confirmed Nadler “yelled” at the attendant over her “response time” to his highness’ demands, calling his public tantrum “unbelievably rude.”+

Nadler had been in New York tending to a “family emergency.” Politico reported:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is tending to an undisclosed family emergency in New York City and will miss the last procedural step before articles of impeachment come to the floor, a committee aide confirmed Tuesday.


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