Thousands Line Up in Sub-Freezing Temps for Trump Rally…on Impeachment Day!

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by Sheri Urban

Who else would hold a RALLY on the day of his own impeachment?

Only Donald J. Trump.

President Trump is confident the American people will see the Democrat jihad against him for exactly what it is: a scam, a hoax, an attempted coup by the far-left that could never accept their loss in 2016.

And hours before his rally tonight in key swing-state Michigan, his supporters are already out in massive numbers — in the bitter cold.

At press time, it is 17 degrees in Battle Creek, MI, with snow and a wind chill of 5-below-zero! Yet thousands of MAGA heads are already lining up for Trump’s rally tonight, chanting “Four more years!”

President Trump won Michigan, a historically blue state in 2016 and he will win Michigan again in 2020.

This is what middle America looks like, but disconnected, hate-filled, elitist cosmopolitan Democrats in Washington are voting to impeach President Trump for non-crimes.


One America News reporter Jack Posobiec is on scene at the Battle Creek rally and said nearly all the people lined up for the rally are union workers and families — before Trump, solid Democrat voters. No longer.

Fox News reporter Matt Finn said some Trump supporters started camping out yesterday in the bitter cold!

Can anyone imagine people turning out like this for any of the Democrats running for the nomination? Not a chance.

I fully expect the president to be in rare form tonight — especially because the (anti-democracy) Democrats will be voting to impeach him right about the time he is scheduled to take thew stage!


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