Democrat ‘Front-Runner’ Biden Stumbles and Shouts Through Final Debate of 2019

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by Joe Callen

Joe Biden is leading the Democrat pack…by a mile. The former Vice-President is ahead in every major national poll by between 7 and 16 points over his nearest competitor.

Yet Biden continues to show confusion, memory lapses and erratic behavior that is leading Trump supports to salivate over the prospect of a Trump-Biden debate next fall.

Tonight’s final Democrat debate of 2019 is no exception. On the very first question Biden faced…he was confused.

Slow Joe even turned completely around at one point, during a contentious exchange…

Something he’s done before…

Despite his long experience (too long?) on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, and as VP, Biden didn’t realize that America can’t “get sanctions” against China at the U.N. Security Council, because THEY HAVE A VETO, JOE!

(Face Palm)

Joe portrayed an America where the middle class is “getting killed” instead of the booming job and wage increases under Trump — unlike the stagnant abyss under Obama-Biden:

And that final question? Um…

But even when Biden was coherent, his answers were particularly disturbing, if you care about the future of America and the booming Trump economy.

Here Biden blithely says “yes” he would gladly sacrifice “hundreds of thousands” of American workers’ jobs on the altar of the Green New Deal:

Lauds the Chinese dictator as being a better “leader” than his own president…

And Joe angrily tells viewers that illegal alien Hispanic children flooding our schools from the Democrat-manufactured border crisis are “the future of America” and that we “should get used to it”:

I think I like Joe better merely confused.

Either way, the mere thought of him as president is a nightmare.


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