Dramatic Video Shows Muslim in US on Visa Violently Attack Arizona Trooper, Forcing a Fatal Shooting

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Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hashemi; photo: taken from prior arrest

by Gina Cassini

An Arizona state trooper shot and killed a Qatari man who violently attacked him during a traffic stop, and it was all caught on the police dash cam.

25-year-old Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hashemi, who was in the US on a student visa, threw a street sign onto a road in Phoenix last Thursday, sparking a violent confrontation with the officer.

Trooper Hugh Grant ordered Al-Hashemi to pick up the sign, but he refused to obey commands even as the trooper ordered him to stop walking in the middle of the street.

Al-Hashemi then approached the police car and kicked the front grill.

The trooper used a stun gun to subdue Al-Hashemi but it didn’t stop him from rushing the officer and violently punching and kicking him.

After over a minute of fighting, the trooper, who was in a fight for his life had no choice but to fire his weapon, killing Al-Hashemi.

The dashboard cam shows the violent encounter and Trooper Grant was even thrown to the ground at one point.

Al-Hashemi was screaming the entire time he kicked and punched the officer.

The state trooper also had a female ride-along in the car from MADD [Mothers Against Drunk Driving] so he feared for her safety as well.


AP with the backstory on Al-Hashemi’s prior arrest:

Authorities said they didn’t know if Al-Hashemi was impaired. The trooper had injuries to his face and head and is resting at home.

Authorities say Al-Hashemi was arrested for trespassing at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe on Wednesday. Police in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe responded to a disturbance at the mosque around 4:30 a.m. At the center’s request, officers gave Al-Hashemi a warning and told him not to return, police spokesman Greg Bacon said.

Al-Hashemi returned in the early afternoon and officers were called again. Bacon said he was then arrested on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing and booked into jail.

It’s unclear how long Al-Hashemi has been living in the U.S. He was a former student at Arizona State University, which is based in Tempe, according to school officials. They didn’t provide other details.

Watch the dramatic dash cam footage (shots fired at the 2:28 mark):


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