Nancy Pelosi Had A MAJOR Speech Malfunction At Her Presser Today (Again)

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by Sheri Urban

Nancy Pelosi had her “historic,” “somber” press conference on Wednesday to send the Articles of Impeachment of President Trump over to the Senate.

But it did NOT go as she planned.

Before she even got started, she had to bring up the Russia Hoax yet again…but had to wrestle with her own tongue first.

Check out how she pronounced Vladimir Putin’s name.

And she carried on like she had been sampling a bit too much vintage from her own vineyards.

And boy did people notice.

And it went downhill from there. When Nancy and her crew of 7 impeachment “managers” emerged from their clown car for the “signing” ceremony, it wasn’t done with the “somber”, “serious”, “mournful” tone Pelosi had insisted she had.

Nah…she treated it like a celebration, complete with multiple signing pens and selfies!

EVEN CNN slammed her for it!

And worst of all, when Nancy made her oh-so-somber-and-historic walk to the Senate to deliver the articles, a visitor in the hallway did not keep their displeasure to themselves…


The real shame will be what Democrats feel on the night of November 3rd, when they see their House majority sink into the quicksand of their own wretched creation.


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