LSU QB Expresses Gratitude To President Trump Following Team White House Visit

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by Lauren Hass

Last Monday, LSU’s football team won the 2020 College Football National Championship Game.  Following their big win, the team visited President Trump and the White House on Friday.

The President even let them film themselves dancing in the Oval Office…

I think they had a good time.

In fact, quarterback Joe Burrow – who is expected to be selected #1 overall in the NFL draft this spring – expressed gratitude towards President Trump following the visit.

“He showed so much love to everyone on our team.  I don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, don’t care about politics at all, that was an awesome experience for everybody,” the 23-year-old Heisman Trophy winner said.

What a nice statement.  THAT’S the attitude more athletes should have.  Politics shouldn’t color every single aspect of American life.  Even if you disagree with the current president, it’s an honor just to get invited to the White House and to meet the president.  Very few people get that opportunity.


Trump also gave Burrow a message on behalf of the country.

“Joe, I want to say, on behalf of the country, that you make our country very, very proud,” the president said. “You’re really an inspirational talent and all of that. But you’re an inspirational player, and you’re an inspirational person. And you have a heart that’s incredible, and you have a team that respects you so much.”

LSU coach Ed Orgeron told the media that — unlike some disrespectful NBA teams in recent years — no players from his team officially boycotted the White House visit, but some did stay home to train in preparation for the NFL Draft and Combine.


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