Trump Was Right! Warehouse in Puerto Rico Discovered FILLED with U.S. Survival Aid for Hurricane Maria

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by Lauren Hass

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico, leaving many dead and millions desperately needing emergency supplies.

The Trump Administration rapidly put the U.S. military and FEMA into action, delivering tens of millions of dollars in supplies to San Juan to be distributed.

But corrupt San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz attacked Trump, falsely claiming he didn’t do enough, and was “leaving us to starve and die” because of “racism.”

CNN championed Cruz’ lies, putting her on air over 100 times in just weeks to slam Trump, even making her T-shirts to spread the propaganda:

This week we found out how deep the lies went.

A gigantic warehouse was discovered in Puerto Rico this week that was filled with US Survival aid sent there two years ago after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

It was only found because of the recent earthquakes, as desperate citizens went looking inside damaged warehouses.

The corrupt anti-Trump politicians of Puerto Rico, who scammed U.S. taxpayers out of billions, had left the supplies undistributed, to rot and gather dust in massive warehouses.



Trump was right again! CNN truly is the “enemy of the people”…

Utterly despicable. Dozens of politicians need to go to jail…and throw away the key!

And where is CNN’s apology to President Trump, or punishment for Anderson Cooper and others lying on behalf of these criminals? (We won’t hold our breath).


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