President Trump’s Defense Team Hit Dems So Hard EVEN CNN Admits ‘He’s Winning’

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by Lauren Hass

You know it’s bad for the Democrats when even CNN admits President Trump is winning in the impeachment trial.

But that’s exactly what happened just hours into Trump’s defense team’s rebuttal before the U.S. Senate.

CNN’s top legal analyst, liberal professor Jeffrey Toobin admitted that President Trump and the Republicans are destroying the Democrats.

“I just think that the Republicans are winning here. The President is winning here,” CNN’s chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said on Saturday.


President Trump’s defense team methodically shredded the Democrats’ impeachment case by rebutting Schiff’s lies.

Trump’s defense team completely destroyed 3 days’ of Adam Schiff’s lies in just two hours.

Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened the White House defense of President Donald Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript which he read during the House impeachment proceedings.


GOP Senator John Barrasso said Schiff was so freaked out when Trump’s lawyers confronted him about his fake call and transcript that “the blood drained from Schiff’s face“.

Jay Sekulow dunked on the Democrats and brought a copy of the Mueller report.

Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin obliterated Pelosi and said she had no authority to launch the impeachment inquiry, without the full House vote.

Mr. Philbin also played several videos of Adam Schiff changing his story on the whistleblower.

Trump’s lead impeachment lawyer Pat Cipollone closed the day with a devastating blow to the Dems.

And today was just the appetizer — Trump’s defense team is reportedly gearing up to go scorched earth on the Bidens on Monday.

Stay tuned!


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