Study Finds Most Journalists Are to the LEFT of Bernie Sanders

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Even Bernie can’t believe it!

by Sheri Urban

The vast majority of people who work in media are on the left.

That fact is not a surprise to anyone who has watched their coverage of Trump over the last few years. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

But the truth is more shocking than you know.

Most of these people are even further left than Bernie Sanders, by far the most left-wing major presidential candidate of all time.

Hot Air reports:

Study: Most Journalists Are To The Left Of Bernie Sanders (But Don’t Worry They’re Totally Fair)

An academic study by a trio of professors claims to have proven there is no such thing as media bias despite the fact that the same study found most journalists are much father left than the average Twitter user. In fact, a majority of journalists, based on their Twitter interactions, are somewhere to the left of Bernie Sanders. Here’s the graph showing the results:

Those findings certainly comport with the experience of a lot of people on Twitter, a place where support for Sanders often seems overwhelming. But the study goes on to argue that despite this overwhelming personal bias, reporters don’t show any evidence of bias in their work.

How did they determine this? Well, that was a separate part of the study which directed emails at hundreds of journalists offering to let them sit down with a new candidate for office (one who didn’t exist but the journalists didn’t know that). In both cases the letter was identical except that in some cases the candidate was described as left-wing and in others as right wing.


This is from the study:

Figure 2 shows the distribution of ideological positions of journalists based on their Twitter interactions. As can be seen, journalists are dominantly liberal and often fall far to the left of Americans.

A full 78.1% of journalists are more liberal than the average Twitter user. Moreover, 66% are even more liberal than former President Obama, 62.3% are to the left of the median Senate Democrat (in the 114th Congress), and a full 14.5% are more liberal than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (one of the most liberal members of the House).

In short, journalists are overwhelmingly liberal/Democrats and many journalists appear to be far to the left of the average American.

The next time someone tries to claim the Fake News media is “objective” or “unbiased,” share this article with them to spread the TRUTH.


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