Unearthed Video Exposes What Kamala Harris REALLY Thinks of Young Voters

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by Joe Callen

Slow Joe Biden has been struggling to connect with younger voters — a crucial demographic he needs to try and beat Trump.

Biden cannot seem to generate anywhere near the level of enthusiasm among Gen-Z and Millennial voters as did Bernie Sanders.

CNN reported that one of the reasons Joe chose ultra-left wing VP mate Kamala Harris was to “energize” young people — which is bizarre given how Harris went on a rampage imprisoning young people for minor weed offenses as California Attorney General.

But a new video unearthed by conservative Jason Howerton will absolutely crush Harris’ standing among those voters — as the then-AG tells a stunned audience how she REALLY feels about “18-24 year olds.”

This is brutal.

“What do we know about 18 to 24 year olds? They are really stupidthey make really bad decisions,” Kamala Harris said at a symposium hosted by the Ford Foundation while she was California AG.


This is not going to go over well with the very folks Biden needs to beat Trump.


And what a ridiculously broad brush she used to disparage them. 24 year olds are in dorms? Huh? 18-24 year olds don’t fight for America in the military? Really just gross, Kamala.

Zoomers on Tik Tok really don’t want the Democrats to make them vote for Joe Biden.

“Please don’t make me vote for Joe Biden” — so Biden chooses Kamala Harris to be his running mate, the same cop who locked up young people for smoking pot.

Great move, Joe.



One thought on “Unearthed Video Exposes What Kamala Harris REALLY Thinks of Young Voters

  1. She is correct; the prefrontal cortex portion of the brain, which is required for logic and reasoning, is undeveloped until about 25 years of age. That’s why young people are so gullible and easily manipulated; they “think” with emotions.

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