SHOCK: Kamala Harris Once Adopted A Fake CHINESE NAME to ‘Win Chinese Votes’

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by Samantha Foster

The day Kamala Harris was picked to be Joe Biden’s running mate, the Trump campaign picked the perfect name for her: “Phony Kamala.”

The nickname is as accurate as it gets, and the latest example of why is from Harris’s run for San Francisco District Attorney in 2003, where, in order to pander to the city’s large Chinese population, Harris took on the Chinese name “He Jinli.”

As the National Pulse reports, during the 2003 race, which Harris won by less than one percentage point, she adopted the Chinese name “He Jinli” in a calculated attempt to secure more votes from San Francisco’s sizable Chinese community.

The fake name actually appeared on bi-lingual ballots!

Harris was advised to do this by a local Chinese leader and friend, Su Rongli:

“At that time, He Jinli [Kamala] talked to her about the strategy of winning Chinese votes. She suggested that He Jinli choose a unified Chinese name that would be easier for Chinese voters to remember. He Jinli thought this was a good suggestion.”

Harris was identified as “starting the tradition” of non-Chinese individuals running for public office adopting Chinese names, as she was the first candidate to do so.

After Harris inaugurated the trend, California outlawed the use of candidates using foreign names different from their English names on ballots in 2019.


So Phony Kamala started the fraud — used the fraud to win by the skin of her teeth — and now she is one election away from being VP to the oldest President in U.S. history, senile Slow Joe.

Above: Kamala Harris (a.k.a. “He Jinli”) running for San. Fran. D.A. in 2003

The association is yet another blow to Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his mainstream media counterparts’ insistence that Harris is African-America; she’s half Indian and half Jamaican.

The report concludes with an emphasis on how despite Harris adopting a Chinese name, the vote-seeking display translated into “little interaction with the Chinese community”:“After 15 years of being elected to public office, some people of Chinese descent claimed that He Jinli had little interaction with the Chinese community, and Su Rongli agreed.”

Clearly, after decades of pandering to different communities, Kamala Harris has perfected the art form. Whether or not the American public at large will fall for the dupe as so many Californians did remains to be seen.


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