Tucker Carlson SHREDDED Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech as Only He Can, Leaving Left FURIOUS

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by Joe Callen

Michelle Obama delivered her usual angry, race-baiting, victim-claiming speech at the Democrat National Convention Monday night, and as always the media and liberal celebrities went bonkers praising her like she was too good for this Earth.

Tucker Carlson was not having it.

Despite the ever-growing line-up of RINOs and NeverTrump suck-ups like Chris Wallace praising Obama, Carlson host used his top-rated program to dismantle her ridiculous rant like only he can, piece-by-piece, without fear of race-baiters and leftist cancel culture goons.

Tucker took special exception to the former first lady Michelle Obama’s presentation, which she portrayed herself as a victim, according to Carlson.

“Michelle Obama could teach a master’s class in this mode of communication. Last night she delivered a taped address from her $11 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard. Michelle Obama, it’s fair to say, has done pretty well for herself. But what she wanted you to know last night was that she is still a victim — she and everyone who looks like her, so shut up and accept her dominion over you.”

Carlson hammered Obama, arguing that her message regarding the threat posed to unarmed black men was a “complete crock.”

“We don’t want to be too harsh about this,” Carlson continued. “We’re not lawyers, but we understand the constitutional limits of the First Amendment is now defined — no shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, no criticizing Michelle Obama. We know that, so we’re going to say this as gently as possible, meaning absolutely no disrespect, and of course being certain to pronounce everyone’s name correctly — but what you heard was just a total and complete crock. A never-ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered? That’s what Michelle Obama told us.”

“Well, no,” he continued. “So far this year, there have been a total of eight unarmed black men killed by police in this country. Not a never-ending list, eight. Last year there w as a total of 14. So what Michelle Obama just told you is a total lie, a calculated lie, a lie designed to make America more fearful, more angry, more divided

, and thereby help her candidate win. That’s what Michelle Obama just did. But pretty much no one pointed it out last night. They were too afraid to because, as Michelle Obama made very clear, if you disagree with what she says, you are a bigot.”

After Michelle Obama absurdly claimed she “hates politics”, Tucker slammed:

“They hate me for my race, says the woman whose husband was elected by that very same country twice in a row, hence allowing her to buy an $11 million spread on Martha’s Vineyard, from which she lectures the plebes. And by the way, if Michelle Obama hates politics so much, why is she giving a political speech at a political convention?”

Carlson mocked the media reaction to Michelle Obama’s speech, likening her to Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

“[Y]ou probably still think of the left as secular, but not anymore. They are fervent religious fanatics. Michelle Obama is their L. Ron Hubbard. Everything she does is good by definition. She’s the most beautiful, the smartest, the wisest. If Michelle Obama played golf, she would shoot an 18 every time. In the words of Van Jones, her speech last night was extraordinary. Even though, as you know, if you saw it, it was exactly the opposite of that. The speech was ordinary. It was totally pedestrian, like almost everything Michelle Obama says. But you can’t admit that. You’ve got to pretend she is Aristotle. That’s the law.”



As usual, Carlson was a profile of courage even at FoxNews, where the santimonious Trump-haters Dana Perino and Chris Wallace showered Moochelle with undeserved praise:

And of course the left-wing was furious that Carlson dare go after the political equivalent of Beyonce:

Yawn. The race card. How, um, original.


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