BREAKING: Goodyear CAVES to Trump, Reverses Leftist Pro-BLM Policy

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by Greg Reynolds

Goodyear Tires caved to pressure from President Trump and announced Thursday the company will now allow workers to wear pro-police messages on clothing in the workplace, a reversal from just twenty-four hours ago when it issued a defiant statement that it would only allow Black Lives Matter and LGBT messages (“racial justice and equity issues”).

Goodyear Chairman Rich Kramer released a statement that said in part, “We have clarified our policy to make it clear associates can express support for law enforcement through apparel at Goodyear facilities.”

And one analyst said the entire leftist pro-BLM policy “will likely be scrapped” by the weekend.

The controversy erupted this week when a screen image from a Topeka tire plant worker training session was posted online that showed what kind of messages are allowed at work and what messages are not allowed. Black Lives Matter and LGBT messages were specifically allowed, but Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA or other political expressions or material were not allowed.

In a tweet and at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, President Trump called out Goodyear:

Trump even said he would “switch out” the tires on his own armored limousine that now had Goodyear tires, if the policy continued.

An audio recording from the Topeka session was publicized Wednesday night that confirmed the policy:

But tonight Goodyear appears to be in full retreat, and one Wall St. analyst said “they are expected to withdraw the policies completely” by this weekend.

Joe Biden issued a statement Wednesday night defending Goodyear–but not police.


One thought on “BREAKING: Goodyear CAVES to Trump, Reverses Leftist Pro-BLM Policy

  1. Has anyone else noticed how Biden keeps repeating the same thing Trump has been saying and doing for the last 3.5 years. (1) “When I’m President, we’re going to make Made-in-America real again”. (2) “We’re going to stand up to unfair competition”. (3) “We’re going to make major investments in American manufacturing and innovation so our factories and our workers can outcompete the world for generations to come”. OK, now lets go through that list, (1) isn’t make America Great Again the same thing as Made-in-America? Also, if Make America Great Again is racist like the Democrats have been crying about the past 4 years, wouldn’t that make Biden’s Made-in-America comment just as racist? (2) Hasn’t Trump been fighting the unfair trade agreements and getting new ones done so it benefits American workers for once? Hasn’t the Democratic party fought against every new deal Trump made that helped American workers? Why is it if Biden does it its ok, but when it comes to Trump getting things done they fight it all the way. (3) Making major investments, isn’t that what Trump has done these past 3.5 years by bringing back businesses from overseas? We also know that the Democrats complained about this as well, simply saying Trump was helping the top 3% only, even though it was bringing back higher paid jobs? To listen to Biden he is saying nothing new, just changing some words up from what TRUMP is already doing and doing a GREAT JOB at in the process, even though he has to fight the Democrats the entire way. Honestly, I would have loved to seen what the USA could have accomplished if instead of fighting Trump the entire time, the Democrats worked with Trump and the Republicans. To say the sky is the limit would be a shortfall of what we could have accomplished in 3.5 years. Instead of protests, riots, looting, and destruction, I think our economy would have been booming and there wouldn’t be all this unrest. To blame Trump for the Virus is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I know they hold Trump on the highest pedestal, I think they think Trump is a God or something, to think Trump can get up on that high pedestal that they have him on and raise his hand and say “BE GONE” and the virus will just disappear. It’s not Trumps job to tell the States what to do, not to mention every time he does try to help they tell him to go away. He shut down transportation to keep sick people out and what do the Democrats do, they call him names and than go outside and tell people to gather in certain districts, to have parades and such, but yet its trumps fault because the virus spread. How stupid do Democrats think the American public is, how many of them think we are nothing but sheep and they are the shepherds.

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