BREAKING: Black Republican Rising Star to Speak at Republican National Convention

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by Libby Emmons

Ever since her campaign video went viral early last week, people have been clamoring for Kim Klacik, running to represent Maryland’s 7th district in the US House of Representatives, to speak at the Republican National Convention. Today that RNC announced that she will be speaking on the convention’s first night.

The new list of speakers was announced by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., and features four nights of Republican luminaries, along with newcomer and crowd favorite, Kim Klacik.

The line-up at the RNC is much different than the star-studded, tech-savvy, virtual convention held by the Democrats last week.

Gov. Kristi Noem, of South Dakota, who made headlines for refusing to pander to the Covid crisis and kept her state primarily open during the pandemic, is to speak on Wednesday, along with Lee Zeldin from New York’s District 1.

Nicholas Sandmann, best known for his refusal to back down when main stream media pinned him as a racist with a “punchable face” for standing and taking abuse from a lefist activist, speaks on Tuesday night.

Ann Dorn, wife of slain, former St. Louis police captain David Dorn, speaks on Thursday, the final night, along with Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton. Cotton’s oped in The New York Times in favour of federal intervention in the riots in American cities caused an irreparable schism the led to the resignation of Bari Weiss and a complete upheaval of the opinion section.

Over this past week, as her video made the rounds, Klacik has been the focus of accolades from conservative media. Her video struck a chord. It showed her walking through the streets of Baltimore, and speaking to black people in that city about their real feelings on police defunding—”please don’t defund the police,” was the message.

Klacik refuses to believe that black people represent one, monolithic voting block that should be delivered wholesale to the Democrat party. She pointed out that the Republicans have done a poor job of reaching out to these voters, of hearing their concerns or providing a new path forward independent of the corrupt, Democrat party machine.

Speaking to The Post Millennial, Klacik said “For so many decades, you’ve got people protecting their friends. When I ran for the seat, even in the primary, I ran against seven other Republicans, and they said ‘what are you doing?'”

The local party wanted her to start from the bottom and work her way up through the ranks, but she took Trump’s meteoric rise for inspiration, and decided to jump into the political process where she felt she could do the most good. Klacik doesn’t feel the need to play games.

Klacik has pushed back against her detractors. After The Baltimore Sun claimed that Klacik should not be running for congress, but should instead be seeking lesser office, Klacik accused the editorial board of “complicity.”

She wrote, in the pages of that same paper, “How many corrupt, failed leaders have you failed to vet and, over and over, even endorsed? I attacked Democrats, but really my beef is with incompetent Democrats.”

“Baltimore has had smart, experienced Democrats who have challenged the City Hall establishment,” she wrote, “— but it is that failed establishment you have systematically protected and preserved.

“Over those promising, even inspiring outsiders, The Baltimore Sun editorial board has endorsed… the incompetent Democrats I deride — career politicians with no experience outside politics — whom you shield and support.

“Sadly, you too appear to believe Black voters are incapable of voting for excellence and instead will cast their ballot for the lowest common Black denominator. I will reflect on what I have done to inspire your mistrust and what I can do to lessen it — I hope you will do the same.”


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