WATCH: NBA Player Reportedly Calls Player ‘Bitch A** White Boy.’ Black ESPN Host Unloads On Him

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by Greg Reynolds

A black NBA player reportedly made a shocking racial remark to a white NBA player after a heated confrontation during a game on Friday night while the players were wearing jerseys that had special social justice phrases printed on the back.

“LA Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell and Dallas Mavericks Slovenian star Luka Doncic got into a scuffle last night that ended with Harrell calling Doncic a ‘bitch ass white boy,’”

Outkick columnist Gary Sheffield Jr. wrote. “The solution here is simple, even if many won’t like it: the NBA has to suspend Montrezl Harrell and send a message that race-based derogatory comments like his on the basketball court won’t be tolerated. The NBA has already set this precedent with gay slurs on the court, why not with racial-based insults as well?”

“Montrezl Harrell’s comments have already spawned a million ‘If the races were reversed’ conversations on social media and there is no doubt that if Luka had referred to Montrezl Harrell as a ‘b**** a** black boy,’ that the social media condemnation would have rained down from the heavens on Luka,” Sheffield added. “In fact, Luka would probably be suspended for the remainder of the season. He would be crushed, a social pariah in all of sports.”



UPDATE: Bleacher Report claims “courtside fans interviewed have confirmed the outburst as reported.”

Former NBA player and current ESPN host Jay Williams slammed Harrell for the alleged comment, noting that if Doncic said something like that, it would be a big deal.

In a video posted to Twitter, Williams responded:

Questions for our readers: Should Harrell be suspended by the NBA? And do you still watch NBA games since their radical turn towards BLM and anti-police propaganda?


11 thoughts on “WATCH: NBA Player Reportedly Calls Player ‘Bitch A** White Boy.’ Black ESPN Host Unloads On Him

  1. He SHOULD be suspended and fined for what he said. Because if the rolls were reversed, we know the white player would have been suspended if not lost his job all together. But it seams now days only white people are racist. The Black community can do and say whatever it is they want, i.e. all the riots. I am done with Professional Sports all together. They should have stayed to playing the games they were being paid to do. And I know I’m not the only one.

  2. Imagine if this was reversed, the white player would be suspended/removed/reprimanded. The LA Clippers should suspend Montrezl Harrell and fine him, he is showing exactly what he is a racist!

  3. For those curious with the idea of racism in Sports, in order to placate the Left, any word or action will have TWO (2) Definitions:

    Definition #1: Anything a ‘White Boy’ says or someone somewhere thinks he said; any gesture made by a White Boy’ that someone somewhere thinks is offensive and/or racist IS divisive and will be followed with outcries of racism, homophobia, etc. ‘The White Boy’ is always in the wrong no matter the circumstance. ‘White Boy’ should be suspended and fined.

    Definition #2: Any Player of Color can and will say whatever he wants to a White Boy’ without penalty. Any altercations that take place before, during, or after a game between the sports terms will define the ‘White Boy’ as the aggressor. Player of Color receives sympathy from Special Interest Groups, a new multi-million dollar contract for endorsing a sportswear product line and hundreds of interviews, Player of Color: VICTIM; ‘White Boy should be suspended and fined.

    I have been around for many many years and RACISM is not peculiar or exclusive to ‘White Boys’. Within the Black community are individuals who maintain a caste system based upon the level or lack thereof, skin pigmentation. Among the Asian peoples are those who believe that their ‘race’ is better than other Asian ‘races’. I have first hand experience with encounters between Chinese and Vietnamese with both sides using epithets that demean their looks and culture. In the Caribbean, I have had a Jamaican Lady go out of her way to tell me “I am NOT a Black (she used the ‘N’ word), I’m Jamaican”.

    I am certain that EVERYONE who has ever travelled beyond their front door has seen or heard reactions or conversations that ARE racist. One can not exclude an individual who verbally reacts or physically reacts to another with derogatory or racial epithets. Racism IS Racism; no one race owns the title since there ARE members within the groups who are openly racist. These individuals have established the Two Definition System to make them the VICTIM.

  4. Absolutely. The punishment needs to be exactly the same as if the roles were reversed. There can be no difference in treatment between white or black players. Racism is racism no matter what your skin color is and if you are serious about getting rid of racism and racist sentiments, you MUST punish both races equally for racist acts. If it was a white player using racial slurs against a black player, he’d be suspended for the rest of the season, therefore this black player must also be suspended for the rest of the season. The message needs to be sent. there can be NO exceptions. Period.

  5. Intimidation seems to be the object here. Harrell is exhibiting the exact thing the black community is claiming. The NBA only condones this type of reverse racism by backing the BLM and adopting the intimidation of black players over others. Do you wonder why the NBA’s television ratings have sunk? Surprisingly the white audience feels alienated and offended by the posturing.

  6. Demand that the NBA and ESPN news fire him for being a racist and hate crime. Only fair, that is how they would deal with a white player that did the same thing. No Double Standards!!!

  7. I heard he apologized so his job is safe and he’s forgiven. White people don’t get to apologize they lose their job and their life. So fuck the NBA and Sports media for not calling this shit what it is.

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