NBA Player Called ‘Bitch A** White Boy’ by Black Player Gets Sweet Revenge at the Very Next Game

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by Joe Callen

As we reported Saturday, L.A. Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell — who is black, called white Dallas Mavericks Slovenian star Luka Doncic a ‘bitch ass white boy,’ right on the court, after the two had a scuffle during the NBA playoff game.

The racist yell erupted into social media controversy, as most rightly said had the race been reversed, the white player’s career and life would have been destroyed.

As Outkick columnist Gary Sheffield Jr. argued:

“….if Luka had referred to Montrezl Harrell as a ‘b**** a** black boy,’ that the social media condemnation would have rained down from the heavens on Luka,” “In fact, Luka would probably be suspended for the remainder of the season. He would be crushed, a social pariah in all of sports.”

Meanwhile, not one damn thing has happened to Harzell. No suspension. No missed games. No forced apology demanded by the cowardly Clippers organization. Just blatant hypocrisy from an NBA that had embraced the Black Lives Matter leftist political movement 110%.

Well tonight Luka got his revenge right on the court, in the sweetest possible fashion.


Luka crushed the L.A. team with a stunning shot at the buzzer in overtime, following a historic game performance — despite playing on an injured ankle.

The 3-point shot with no time on the clock beat the Clippers at home. Doncic himself became the youngest player in NBA history to record a 40-point playoff triple double — his second straight triple-double of the playoffs.

The Mavericks had fallen behind by 21 points in the second quarter, looking dead in the game and series as Doncic limped around on a bruised ankle, but Luka found new life in the 2nd half, and led a franchise-record rally

to beat the Clippers, 135-133 overtime victory and tie the best-of-seven series at 2-2.

“He’s a bad boy,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle told ABC of Doncic, Dallas News noted. “He’s a tough dude, man. He’s a gamer. That’s how he is.”

Doncic’s stellar performance was history-making, according to the report: “At 21 years, 117 days old, Doncic joined LeBron James as the only players in NBA history to record a 30-point triple double in the playoffs before turning 22.”

ESPN host and former NBA player Jay Williams similarly ripped into Harrell.

“I am no lip reader, but damn, Trez, damn, Montrez,” Williams said. “I can only imagine if Luka Doncic had something like that to you, and it got caught on tape. I can only imagine during Black Lives Matter how much of a big deal that would have been, considering today’s climate and state. It would have been a massive story.”

“Luka would have lost all credibility in this space; everybody would have been commenting on it,” he continued. “People would have asked LeBron about it, people would have asked [another player] about it. Everybody would have had some kind of statement about it, but it’s not that big of a story because Trez said it to a Caucasian person.”

For his own part, Luka Doncic didn’t say a word about the racist slam…letting his play on the court do the talking for him.


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