BREAKING: Minneapolis EXPLODES Into Violence and Looting After Man Kills Himself — But BLM Blames POLICE!

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by Joe Callen

Here we go again, folks.

Just like the riots that have torn apart Kenosha, Wisconsin based on a complete lie (“police shot an innocent, unarmed black man for no reason”), Minneapolis is being rocked at this hour by looting, vandalism and violence — over a lie that quickly spread and led to total chaos.


The lie? that police shot and killed another Black man on a main city street.

Here is the video that started it all (Graphic):

But another video from beforehand shows a very different cause — an apparent suicide by a man holding a handgun who suddenly points it under his chin and pulls the trigger (GRAPHIC warning):

Unbelievable, and horrifying to see a man take his own life. The people sitting next to him put their hands up, as police are almost certainly pointing their own weapons at him since he is brandishing a weapon. then complete shock as he pulls the trigger himself.

UPDATE: Turns out the man was a murder suspect who committed suicide as police approached them at 8th & Nicollet. No officer weapons were fired. 

But as we have seen again and again, despite all the facts not being known, BLM thugs have already assumed a “police murder of an unarmed black man” and are rioting, looting, shooting and burning all over Minneapolis tonight.

UPDATE: Shots now being fired, as complete chaos has taken hold in downtown Minneapolis:

VP Pence denounced the rioting, as it was only minutes from unfolding yet again:


10:30 PM CST – Curfew In Effect for Minneapolis
10:35 PM CST – Business destroyed include Target, Walgreens, Ruth Chris, Saks, Brit’s Pub, Chipotle, Foot Locker, The News Room, JB Hudson, Haskell’s, more…
10:55 PM CST – Gov Walz (Democrat) declares a peacetime emergency.


And over in Seattle, where it is 24/7 insane…


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