BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi: ‘There Shouldn’t Be ANY’ Presidential Debates (VIDEO)

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by Joe Callen

It was just a matter of time.

But now the nation’s most senior Democrat politician is calling for there to be NO Presidential debates this year.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday morning, “I don’t think there should be any debates.”

We knew they would try this. They have to.

Slow Joe Biden can be pumped with stimulants long enough to read from a teleprompter for 21 minutes in an empty room. But there is no way in hell he has the mental capacity to go toe-to-toe with a very sharp and aggressive President Trump in one debate, let along three.

But Democrats can’t SAY that. So they are making up a new reason: Trump can’t be trusted to “tell the truth.”

that is exactly what Pelosi is saying today.


Pelosi’s statement is the first *official* notice that the Democrats are going to try and do a “mail-in voting” scam for the debates: either cancel them outright, have taped answers to press questions to avoid Trump rebuttals, or to have Trump “fact-checked” in real-time to un-level the playing field.

whatever they propose, it must be — and I have no doubt it will — be rejected by the Team Trump.

Pelosi is not the first Democrat to propose this. Former Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart first sent up this trial balloon almost a month ago, saying Biden should “refuse” to debate Trump:

Newsweek reported later that week that some of those who have Biden’s ear are “urging him not to debate President Donald Trump.”

In a column last month headlined “Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless

,” Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times urged the Democrat to avoid the debate stage unless certain conditions are met.

And The Times published another opinion piece urging Biden to avoid the debates altogether.

“The debates have never made sense as a test for presidential leadership. In fact, one could argue that they reward precisely the opposite of what we want in a president,” Elizabeth Drew wrote.

“When we were serious about the presidency, we wanted intelligence, thoughtfulness, knowledge, empathy and, to be sure, likability. It should also go without saying, dignity,” she wrote.

“There’s no reason not to throw the presidential debates on the trash heap of useless (at best) rituals that are no help in our making such a fateful decision,” Drew concluded.

NeverTrumper and self-described conservative Bill Kristol praised the University of Notre Dame for backing out of hosting one of the debates over fears about the coronavirus.

“Good. No need to go to any trouble to replace this debate. Indeed, I gather Biden’s already all booked up with zoom calls in those weeks. Also, the Jewish holidays. And the new Perry Mason series. Too bad!” Kristol tweeted.

The media can only cover for Slow Joe for so long. Eventually he will have to take on Trump. If he fails to do so, Trump is going to utterly destroy him on November 3rd.


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