AutoZone Stabbing Suspect: I Needed to “Find a White Male to Kill” (VIDEO)

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by Greg Reynolds

The suspect in an Aug. 25 AutoZone stabbing in Georgia made his first appearance in court today.

And what he told the court should give leftist BLM goons — and their Democrat allies — pause, if they had any conscience at all.

But, more likely this disturbing story will be sent down the memory hole by the national media, who will pretend it never happened, along with all the other “mostly peaceful” racist violence (32 dead nationwide by one count), rioting, looting and property destruction caused by BLM and ANTIFA Marxists over the past 3 months.


Gee, I can’t imagine what incited him to want to do this.

Oh…and guess what? NO HATE CRIME CHARGE.



Jayvon Hatchett, 19, is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

Hatchett faces these charges for a stabbing he allegedly committed on Aug. 25 around 8:36 a.m. at the AutoZone. Police said he stabbed a store employee in an unprovoked attack.

Columbus Police Sgt. R.S. Mills gave testimony in court about the case.

Mills told the court that when he Hatchett why he stabbed the AutoZone employee, Hatchett said he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality happening across the country.

Hatchett is being held without bond at the Muscogee County Jail until his case goes to Superior Court.


4 thoughts on “AutoZone Stabbing Suspect: I Needed to “Find a White Male to Kill” (VIDEO)

  1. Throw away the key . He deserves whatever Strong sentence he gets. The BLM and ANTIFA r turning the White People even more against the Back People and Something needs to be done about that…NOW!

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