Black Man Charged After Yelling ‘Black Lives Matter’ Before Stabbing White Man in Chest

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by Greg Reynolds

It’s spreading folks. Racial violence against Whites incited by the radical Marxist “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Earlier we reported on a stabbing at an AutoZone in Georgia Tuesday morning, in which Jayvon Hatchett, a 19-year old Black man attacked a White employee, later telling a judge he felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality happening across the country.

Well late that same day, many states away, it happened again, with more serious results.

Police in Aurora, Colorado arrested a 30-year-old black man, for stabbing another man moments after screaming, “Black lives matter” at him.

9News reported:

Steve Sinclair is facing first-degree attempted murder and hate crime charges after police in Aurora, Colorado, said he walked up to 29-year-old Michael Connor, a white man, and stabbed him after shouting, “Black lives matter,” according to 9News.

“I’m going to kill you and your dog,” Sinclair reportedly said to Connor, at which point a chase ensued before Connor was stabbed as Sinclair continued to shout “black lives matter,” even after he had been apprehended by police.

“I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath,” Sinclair allegedly told police, and at one point while standing with his hands up, he asked them to shoot him rather than arrest him.


Sinclair has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and committing a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury.

It is unclear what triggered the initial argument that ultimately sent Connor to the hospital with a bruised lung.

“Unclear,” indeed. What could have possibly caused this black “psychopath” to attack a white man. Could it be, perhaps — gee, I’m really reaching here — the constant drumbeat of racist hysteria fomented by BLM thugs, Democrat politicians and the mainstream media?

At least they added the ultra-rare “hate crime” charge to this docket, unlike the AutoZone case — despite that perp admitting he did it for racial reasons.

According to Jack Posobeic of OANN, 32 people nationwide have been killed as a direct result of BLM and ANTIFA violence. Mr. Connor is very lucky he wasn’t #33.

when will the Democrats and their BLM allies be held accountable for the hatred they are spreading across this country?



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  1. Obviously, “BLACK LIVES MATTER” is a warning of Danger to come…so can we then “Protect” ourselves with FORCE? Sure looks like it.

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