NFL Legend SHREDS NBA Divas Protesting Jacob Blake Shooting, and It’s Glorious

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by Joe Callen

The entire sports world is going crazy protesting the shooting of career felon and wanted sexual predator Jacob Blake, whose wounding sparked massive riots, arson and the deaths of two rioters.

Blake was shot after fighting with police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who were trying to execute a warrant for his arrest for sexual assault of a minor, while he was trespassing at the home of an ex-girlfriend he had beaten up in the past, and who called 911.

He punched and struggled with police before reaching into his car for a knife, and was shot seven times and somehow survived.

All these facts are KNOWN — despite the media’s best efforts to censor them. Yet Blake has still become the latest Black Lives Matter “innocent unarmed black man” angel from heaven, regardless.

And the NBA took a night off — in the middle of their own playoffs — to protest this criminal’s shooting.

Now they are considering canceling the playoffs entirely, and Major League Baseball (MLB) is canceling games as well, and talking about canceling more — all because of the phony charge of “systemic racism”.

Well one NFL legend has apparently had all he can take, and let the NBA #BLM divas have it today on Instagram

Hall of Fame Bears linebacker

Brian Urlacher posted this savage retort in the response to the madness:

“Brent Favre played the MNF game the day his dad died, threw TDs in the first half and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity.”

NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police.

100% true. And also 100% guaranteed to trigger every leftist and race-baiter in America.

Green Bay Packers great Brett Favre played a scheduled game back in 2003 on the day after his father died of a heart attack, throwing 4TDs on 311 yards in the first half alone, in a legendary performance.

The NBA canceled its games after the Milwaukee Bucks refused to come out of their locker room for practice on Wednesday afternoon, in protest of a career domestic abuser and child molester who got shot for resisting arrest and attempted to use a weapon against police.


Not sure if Urlacher’s words will inspire other athletes to oppose the #BLM madness, but there is reason for hope.


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