BREAKING: Man Shot and Killed in Portland After Pro-Trump Rally in City

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by Greg Reynolds

A man was shot and killed on a street in downtown Portland, Oregon Saturday night.

The shooting occurred as Trump supporters in a pickup truck caravan were repeatedly attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

The cause of the shooting is unknown as of now, however unconfirmed reports suggest the victim may have been “pro-law enforcement,” and/or pro-Trump. This despite dubious claims by Portland authorities that the shooting was “unrelated” to the protest.

The man died on the scene, as paramedics attempted to intervene.

UPDATE: Video emerges of the actual shooting. One witness suggests he may have been shot in the back.

One media report said: “next to the body was camouflage gear with Infidel andthin blue line’ patches, which commonly indicate support for law enforcement.”

UPDATE: Longer version of video:

UPDATE: Slow-Mo…

The victim is a White male. One report says the shooter was on foot, and calmly fled the scene.

Photos and video were captured of the alleged shooter. This is UNCONFIRMED. Please do not approach this person.

More confirmation that this was not an Antifa/BLM supporter, but more likely pro-Trump:

FACT CHECK: Patriot Prayer is NOT a “far-right” group, as this biased NYTimes reporter describes it, but a religious conservative group. It’s founder Joey Gibson, has consistently denied claims of “white supremacy” by the discredited SPLC and other leftist groups.

NOTE: KPTV is reporting that Portland authorities are claiming the shooting was “unrelated” to the protest. Literally no one believes this now.

UPDATE: BLM and ANTIFA and CELEBRATING the fact that a Trump supporter was murdered! Unreal…


UPDATE: Portland’s Mayor REFUSED explicit offer of Federal law enforcement assistance, and even arrogantly posted his refusal on Twitter!

Looks like that will be seen as a big mistake — like the Wisconsin Governor refusing Trump’s offer of 750 National Guard troops to Kenosha prior to the shooting there.

Portland was a searing hotbed of conflict all day, as pro-Trump trucks with Trump flags paraded into Portland to protect Antifa/BLM violence there for the past 3 months.

Earlier clashes involved fists, eggs, paintballs and pepper spray.


This is a developing story. We will update it on this page with new developments…


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