INTENSE Bodycam: Police Officer Gets Shot, Keeps Firing AR-15 Until Perp is Dead

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by Joe Callen

Daytona Beach police Chief Craig Capri told reporters they were called out to an apartment complex after an anonymous tip that a suspect wanted for attempted murder was located there.

“The suspect fled into a back bedroom,” Capri said. “The officers follow the suspect, Michael Harris, ordering him to freeze, halt, surrender. As the officer opened the door, the suspect took a firearm and shot at our officers.”

Capri said they were serving an arrest warrant after the man shot a woman twice in the back two weeks ago.

The officer in this riveting bodycam was shot by the wanted man, and refused to leave the scene until the woman he was holding hostage was freed, and then went in for the kill.


The initial report was that the officer was saved by a bulletproof vest, but Orlando News 6 later reported some of the bullet fragments penetrated his chest, which explains his wincing in pain throughout the incident.


Of course no report of a dead scumbag would be complete without a relative insisting he DINDU NUFFIN!!!

And so it was with Harris’ cousin, who insisted he brought “joy into our lives” and that the police “went too far” — even though he SHOT ONE OF THEM!

Another officer was also injured in the assault, suffering a head wound which evacuating the female. But they will both be fine.


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