STAGED: Woman Busts Biden for SCRIPTING Questions at Town Hall – ‘I Was Told To Go Off This Paper But I Can’t’

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by Sam Rostock

We know that the Biden events are all staged and we now have more evidence.

Today in Kenosha, Wisconsin at a Biden event a woman admitted on camera that she was given a piece of paper telling her what to say.

“My name in Porsche Bennett,” the woman said. “I’m just going to be honest, Mr. Biden, I was told to go off this paper, but I can’t. You need the truth and I’m part of the truth.

She then criticized those who came to Kenosha to riot vs. actual local protesters, clearly not what the Biden folks wanted to be discussed.


Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer responded to the news clip of the woman saying that she was supposed to read off the piece of paper by writing on Twitter: “The press would be in a feeding frenzy if the Bush staff handed ‘real’ people the questions to ask Bush at townhall style event. Let’s see how acquiescent the Biden press corps is – or can they still be tough on the person they cover?”

The Biden team has managed their events by ensuring all comments and questions the former Obama VP is asked are pre-approved, and set up so that Biden can read the respective answers on the teleprompter.


This was at work yesterday, when Biden read off actual notes handed to him, mistakenly reading “topline message” (campaign lingo) instead of what he was supposed to say!

But no matter, the MSM hide the disaster on a daily basis. They and Biden’s team work together as they manufacture events and try to make them look unscripted.

With an honest and fair national media, instead of a lapdog one that covers up every mistake, blunder and chicanery, would the Biden campaign even have a chance?

Meanwhile the turnout for Biden in Kenosha was a ridiculous embarrassment, after the thousands who turned out to greet Trump on Tuesday.

We counted ONE, for nearly the entire time Biden was in the church, with at most 20 at the end:

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