Hair Stylists Hold Hair Dryer Protest Outside Pelosi’s Home, Hang Curlers from Tree (Video)

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by Samantha Foster

If Nancy Pelosi thought SalonGate couldn’t possibly extend into a THIRD day, she was very much mistaken.

As outrage continues to grow nationwide over her outrageous hypocrisy in getting a “blowout” at a San Francisco salon without a mask — when all salons in the city are closed, now protests have hit home — literally.

Protesting hair stylists held a hair dryer protest outside of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home after she was caught on video breaking the rules to get her hair blown dry while she demanded other women stay home, due to the “pandemic.”

The video of Pelosi was released by the salon owner and the rest is history.

On Thursday dozens of hair stylists and their supporters held a hair dryer protest outside of Nancy Pelosi’s multimillion dollar home in San Francisco.

The women draped Pelosi’s tree with hair dryers and curlers.

Hell hath no fury like a hair stylist scorned!

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany brutally trolled Pelosi by playing her salon video at her press conference today!

Adding insult to injury, President Trump weighed in, defending the salon owner and giving it to “Crazy Nancy”:

And Trump advisor Brad Parscale released a brutal video totally exposing Pelosi’s blatant hypocrisy that we hope will run everywhere:

Salon owner Erica Kious is gaining many fans for refusing to knuckle under to the powerful Pelosi, going on Tucker Wednesday night to expose Pelosi in her lies:

It ‘aint over, Crazy Nancy. This is just getting started. The People will render their verdict on your actions on November 3rd.


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