Hillary Posts ‘Home Video’ Attacking Trump… But It Instantly BACKFIRES When Viewers See Her Husband

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by Sam Rostock

Hillary Clinton posted a video of herself ranting endlessly about “Russia” on Twitter Saturday — and then probably wishes she hadn’t.

She thought everyone would be talking about her attack on Trump, in her continued refusal to accept that she lost fair and square in 2016 — because Americans can’t stand her.

But instead all anyone could focus on was….BILL, and his priceless expressions of despair in her horrid presence, which was mercilessly mocked on social media all day long.

Some of the funniest tweets came from one screenshot.

James Woods has the best take on the video:

The screenshot of Bill:

“Quarantine blues….”

“Look at the love in Bill’s eyes.”



Donald Trump Jr. hilariously twisted the knife by bringing it all back to Bill’s BFF, the (late) notorious pedophile and pimp to the stars Jeffrey Epstein:

That painting of course was the first thing visitors saw when entering Epstein’s 5th Avenue apartment in NYC.


One thought on “Hillary Posts ‘Home Video’ Attacking Trump… But It Instantly BACKFIRES When Viewers See Her Husband

  1. What evil, godless, decrepit, despicable, demonic, destructive pieces of non-human garbage. I hope they get dragged kicking and screaming to HELL sooner rather than later.

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