‘F*ck White People!’ – BLM-Biden Supporters Scream at Elderly Couple Dining Outdoors, Grab Drinks Off Table (VIDEO)

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by Ben Samuels

This is how Biden supporters treat elderly Americans.

Black Lives Matter terrorists screamed obscenities at elderly people dining outdoors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sunday.

“F*ck 12 and f*ck white people! You old dick!” one BLM militant yelled to a peaceful elderly white man sitting at a table.

A woman then marched over to the couple, grabbed a drink from their table and drank out of it!

So much for worrying about Covid-19!

Other violent Biden supporters were breaking glassware and intimidating diners.


WATCH (language warning):

Another Black Lives Matter terrorist physically assaulted a white man walking his bike on Penn Avenue near The Standard Market & Pint House.



One thought on “‘F*ck White People!’ – BLM-Biden Supporters Scream at Elderly Couple Dining Outdoors, Grab Drinks Off Table (VIDEO)

  1. These protesters are racist against white people, thinking that the whites are the cause of their terrible life. I have lived in many cities where minorities had priorities in job placement. These people who pick on old people are cowards and disrespectful to their elders. They have never had a proper upbringing, and have never been taught manners or respect for their country. They have been brain washed to act this way, and do not realize that if they do get a real socialist society, then everyone will get rationing, their free speech will not exist, and going to jail and being released will be replaced by public execution by soldiers as they do in China. Once it happens, it can never be undone, and voting will no longer exist, along with freedom. To continue this madness will put minorities a hundred years into the past in regards to their way of living, and the government will completely control you as their own personal slave. Wake up, don’t listen to news propaganda, and seek the truth for yourself. America may not be perfect, but you don’t see many people leaving, and there are many trying to come here. You are all being sucked into a civil war, that will end in martial law, with the president in complete control, and congress and the judicial system will be ignored and powerless.

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