Worn-Out Joe Biden Retreats to His Basement… But the Gaffes Just Get WORSE

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by Joe Callen

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden (D) has abandoned the campaign trail once again, with the election just 55 days away.

After a disastrous campaign trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Biden met with sexual abuser Jacob Blake Jr. and his racist, anti-Semitic father, Biden went to Pennsylvania to meet with union workers.

In Kenosha, it was revealed Team Biden was planting questions in their audience, after one of the women refused to “go off this paper” she was given. Biden drifted, and mumbled and whispered creepily, and couldn’t wait to get out of town.

In Pennsylvania, Biden was confronted with his pledge to ban “fracking” of oil and gas — which had led America to become a huge exporter of fuels, and greatly reduced gas prices vs. other nations.

Biden straight out lied and claimed he never did!

Here is Biden repeatedly promising to eliminate fracking…roll t he tape!



With even friendly media calling Joe on his ridiculous lies, he went back home to Delaware, holding court in his basement where he is most comfortable.

But the gaffes just continued.

He thought the Democrat control the U.S. Senate, insisting his party must “keep control” of both houses:

A bit later in the day, Joe, looking confusing, slow and sweating profusely, given teleprompter instructions to his team to display the proper talking point to answer a question:

This is the best the Democrats have?

Joe Rogan said it best today:


UPDATE: Biden’s even losing MSNBC!!!

MSNBC says Joe Biden’s campaign “lacks the dynamism, the energy” of a presidential campaign 


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