CNN Gives Biden the Soviet Treatment: ERASES ‘Offensive’ Logo for Gushing Propaganda Piece

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by Sam Rostock

CNN appears to have used a doctored image of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with his young son, in a gushing propaganda “documentary” clearly produced to promote the former VP for the presidency.

The Democratic nominee initially shared back in June, a photo of himself and a young Hunter Biden from a Washington Redskins game, to commemorate Father’s Day.

But when CNN used the photo in their Monday night special “Fight for the White House: Joe Biden’s Long Journey,” the Redskins logo was removed from the hat!

The “news” network was immediately castigated for such “Soviet-style propaganda.”

Back in the U.S.S.R., “Pravda” and other state-run “news” services would routinely, in Orwellian fashion, erase former allies of dictator Joseph Stalin when they became enemies and were murdered or imprisoned by him.

In this photo, Stalin is shown with “right-hand man” Nikola Yezhov, a secret police official who oversaw the brutal Stalin’s purges. When he fell out of favor, and was executed after a secret trial in 1938, Soviet censors literally ERASED Yezhov from every public photo:

Now that the “Redskins” name has fallen out of favor with the far-left American intelligentsia — it too must be ERASED fro history, as if it never existed – even though the candidate himself posted the original photo just 3 months ago!


OUR guy Joe Biden simply can’t been SEEN near a non-woke “offensive” logo like that. So they deleted it!

THIS….is CNN, folks.


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