NFL’s Chiefs and Texans Link Arms for “Social Justice” Before Game… And Fans Did NOT Like It One Bit (Video)

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by Joe Callen

The NFL season got off to a rough start Thursday night before a single snap was played.

The Chiefs were on the field and locked arms during the “Black National Anthem” (“Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing“) while the Texans remained in the locker room.

The playing field contained BLM-themed messages beyond each end zone: “IT TAKES ALL OF US” beyond one and “END RACISM” beyond the other.

Then players from both the Chiefs and Texans came on the field and linked arms, as “social justice” messages, including “End Racism,” were shown on the scoreboard.

A moment of silence dedicated to the “fight for equality” was then held, and a big wave of boos erupted from the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium.


Americans are sick and tired with politics ruining sports.


The game is the first in major U.S. pro sports to have fans in attendance amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Chiefs allowed a crowd of 22% of stadium capacity, or about 16,000 fans, to attend. The fans were scattered throughout the three decks. The first eight rows of the lower deck closest to the field were covered by a tarp all the way around the stadium.

But even with the small crowd, the boos were loud enough to get the attention of the NFL brass.

And if the League doesn’t pay attention to this, they are risking the kind of massive TV ratings collapse (-30%) that has hurt the NBA this season.


14 thoughts on “NFL’s Chiefs and Texans Link Arms for “Social Justice” Before Game… And Fans Did NOT Like It One Bit (Video)

  1. The NFL, or rather the Chiefs, got me to watch a few NFL games last season for the first time since the Kaepernick era began. They were fun to watch. And then this load of crap began. You’re football players, play football. You are NOT my guiding political light; you don’t even bother to research what you’re supporting. A resident of MO, this story caught my eye but I did not watch the game and will continue to not watch the NFL or purchase any gear. Maybe if I riot I can loot some.

    Also, cancelled on Opening Day. Thanks to the Cardinals, Dodgers, Angels for showing me what brilliant independent political thinkers you are. Again, play baseball. It’s what you are good at.

  2. I didn’t watch the game. I’m a diehard NFL fan for over 50 years. (Steelers). I’m going to be selective in watching. I don’t approve of this concept at all. I’m a white male married 44 years, 5 grown children with 18 grandchildren. The NFL has been kidnapped by the BLM movement’s demands along with hundreds of other businesses and organizations. It’s sad. I am a proponent of change for the better… this isn’t better for any of us. It’s gaslighting the racism when you really think about it. IMHO.

      1. They can stand up for their beliefs on every social media platform. They can stand up for their beliefs in interviews. The can commit time and money to help inner city children have access to tutors and STEM programs. They can pay for body cameras for police. They can put signs on their cars and on their lawns.

  3. THERE IS ONLY ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM. If you believe otherwise then you should go to live in another country. I know none of you will because the USA is the best in the world!!

  4. Boos might be a good start, but if the stands had been completely empty stoney silence may have been more effective.

  5. Been a die hard NFL and Chiefs fan for over 50 years. Shed many tears of joy and sorrow over many Chief wins and losses these past 50 years. But watching the game last night something changed, I was indifferent and numb to the game. My fire and emotion were gone. It’s impossible to have my heart in this game anymore when key players such as Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson are being used as tools or political pawns for a movement that is so harmful to this country and race relations. Patrick, please do your homework on the organization you are promoting before continuing on this destructive path. You are not only rapidly losing football fans but you are not helping the country heal.

  6. they look comical. its like a frat handshake. if they really cared about black lives being lost to racism, they would use their millions & get off their privileged asses & out of their multi million dollar mansions in elitist neighborhoods & work their asses off ON THEIR OWN TIME to make real change. all they do is silly antics b4 a game where they have to be at anyway to get paid. btw, all i know about these guys is how they play football. who are they to push their agenda on my time & dime?!

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  8. Two national anthem? Is this not America one National Anthem, two only dose more to divide the Nation I spent 20 years defending. These people do not know what they are perpetuating, I am 76 years old, (yes old not young I lived through a lot to get this OLD!). I remember what was done to Cuba, the Block Nations of the USSR, fought three tours in Viet Nam, saw and remember what happened there after we left. If you all think, just because you supported BLM/AFTA you can not be disappeared any time the supreme leader wants to disappear you, better put some real serious thought into that notion!
    As for the people that God gave some skills to and they spent the time to prefect them, you should be thankful and not make a political statement. Last I checked we all put our britches on the same way one leg at a time. You are fortunate but not special and dammed sure not a political leader as you think you are. Mr. Mahomes, please do not lower your self to this level!

    We are one people and one Nation, American, I can assure you no matter what comes after the hyphen we all bleed red, (that comes from my combat experience, not to be misconstrued as any form of a threat!), a hyphen divides our Nation as surely as the liberal/socialist/communist, (BLM/AFTA and the news media) are trying and in some cases doing. You all think you got it bad just go to any Indian Reservation in North America.

    Thank You For you time The Gunny,

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