BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden FORGETS That North Korea Has Nuclear Weapons! (Video)

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by Sam Rostok

Worries about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have plagued him throught the 2020 Presidential campaign, with the Democrat nominee misstating facts, showing repeated confusion or disorientation, and requiring teleprompters to answer questions, with just 50 days until the election.

And this latest video clip is not going to help matters one bit.

In an “interview” with Democrat operative CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Biden tried to attack President Donald J. Trump’s foreign policy, specifically with regard to Asia and the Middle East.

But instead he showed even more confusion, and bizarre misstatement of known facts when it came to North Korea and Iran.

Here, Biden claims that Trump had removed sanctions on North Korea — he has not — and then says that, because of Trump the rogue nation was “closer to a nuclear weapon than ever before.”

(Spoiler Alert: North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and has had them for 14 YEARS



“The Age Factor,” indeed…

Hey Jake, I know you are a busy guy, but how about some actual “journalism”?

How about challenging Biden on any his three false statements?

No? Can’t take that chance with your candidate slipping in Florida and Pennsylvania polls, and the Teleprompter “debates” around the corner?

Do Americans really want a President who is totally unaware of basic, critical facts affecting U.S. national security? If so, then Slow Joe is your man!


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