Who’s The Boss? Kamala Harris Talks About a “HARRIS Administration” in Stunning Gaffe During Live Speech (Video)

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by Ron Kersten

She’s already looking right past Slow Joe! (and she’s not alone).

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) made the one gaffe a vice presidential nominee can never make, speaking of a future “Harris administration” in a campaign speech Saturday, carried live by ABC News.

Normally, this would be viewed as a harmless gaffe. However, with running mate Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s mental condition widely perceived by millions to be suspect (or worse) — despite the media’s best attempts to hide it — it’s a lot more substantial.

Such a statement can be seen not as a blunder but as a slip of the mask revealing who would be actually be calling the shots in a Biden-Harris administration.

Harris immediately realized her error, and clumsily attempted to clean it up.


A Harris administration….together with Joe Biden as the President of the United States…….the Biden-Harris administration, will have access, provide access to one hundred billion dollars in low interest loans and investments for minority business owners”…

Let’s hear that again…


Amazingly, with such a major campaign gaffe as this, only ONE reporter — in print — even bothered to report it!

Ronald J. Hansen of the Arizona Republic gets kudos for breaking the Democrat media’s wall of silence:

Everyone else in the media circled the wagons for TWO DAYS and hoped it wouldn’t be discovered.

Well now it has, and it reveals an awful lot.

[h/t Kristinn Taylor]


4 thoughts on “Who’s The Boss? Kamala Harris Talks About a “HARRIS Administration” in Stunning Gaffe During Live Speech (Video)

  1. Low energy, bad teleprompter reading, that’s what they are going with? The reasons for a Trump win are just piling up.

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