BREAKING: Trump Passes Biden in National Survey for FIRST TIME — Approval Rating Soars

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by Ron Kersten

Americans have heard from the media all Summer long how Joe Biden was a lock for the presidency.

But as Biden and his horrific running mate pick Kamala have been exposed to Americans, they appear more and more likely to stick with the President they already have.

So says a stunning poll released Wednesday morning, which shows a surging Donald Trump leading Biden for the very first time.

President Donald Trump passed Joe Biden on Wednesday in the national Rasmussen polling.

Trump scored 47 percent with likely voters.
Sleepy Joe deopped to 46 percent with likely voters.

Biden had a three point lead last week which appears to have been erased.

President Trump also scored 22 percent with black voters.

And… President Trump’s overall approval rating? It has surged to 52% today up a whopping 10% from his June 29th low of 42%.

The 52% matches Trump’s prior high BEFORE the Coronavirus ever hit!

While Rasmussen does tend to have more positive polling for the president, they also were among the few who were accurate in 2016. One of the reasons is because they evaluate “likely voters” and not just registered voters like some polls, arguably a better measure of who will actually be voting and therefore the results.

One of the other factors in the poll, according to Rasmussen, is that they didn’t oversample Democrats as do many other media polls. Their sample was 37 were Democrats, 33% Republican and 31% independent of likely voters.

One critical factor which may be driving Trump’s surge would appear to the riots

, which Biden has failed to effectively distance himself (because how can he? they are his people!)

According to Rasmussen Reports:

Three-out-of-four voters who’ve had violent anti-police protests in their community rate those protests important to their vote in the presidential election. Among these voters, a sizable majority like the job President Trump is doing.

Meanwhile the Mainstream Media continues to dismiss Trump and prepare themselves for a Biden Administration (or is it a “Harris Administration“?).

The NYTimes’ Nate Silver and his 538 “experts” have already handed Biden astonishing chances of victory:

But in a barely noticeable sidebar, Silver also has this little disclaimer-ish cartoon, saying that “upset” wins are “not impossible”:

You would have thought Nate would have learned his lesson from 2016. Here was his prediction on October 23 of that year — just two weeks before the election:

…which also predicted Hillary would win PA, WI, and MI, all of which she lost.

When Trump won, the NeverTrumpers and Democrats could not accept it, and spent the next 4 years plotting coup attempt after another to remove him from office.

Now, with BLM and ANTIFA rioters, arsonists and murderers prowling the streets of our cities (and even forests), what will they do if he pulls it out yet again?


One thought on “BREAKING: Trump Passes Biden in National Survey for FIRST TIME — Approval Rating Soars

  1. Both VP Pence and Sen. Harris, being duly sworn public servants, should bring the question of Sen. Harris’s eligibility to SCOTUS. Voters are not served well with this question hanging over their heads at election-time.

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