Fake News BUSTED Again: CBS Uses TRUMP Latino Crowd Pic, Pretends It Was a BIDEN Rally

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by Joe Callen

Joe Biden is hemorrhaging Latino votes to a surging Trump campaign in Florida, and his panicked “news” media allies are pulling out all the stops to help him.

Faced with almost non-existent crowds for Biden appearances, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell lied to her “Evening News” viewers by using a photo from a Latinos for Trump in event in Phoenix and tagged it as Biden’s Latino event in Florida.

Emblazoned on CBS’s chyron: “Biden pitches crucial Latino voters during Florida campaign stop” — with a photo from Trump’s Phoenix rally…

Seriously? A Latina in the photo was literally wearing a hat that said “I Love Trump”!

The actual room where Biden had his “Latino Outreach Event” in Kissimmee, FL yesterday?

Here was what it really looked like:

You can hear how there were literally FIVE people from the clapping after Biden’s cringe-worthy “Despacito” moment:

The media is also lobbing ridiculous softballs questions at Biden attacking Trump for his supposed “disinformation” to Latino voters…


TOTALLY unbiased!

The mainstream media failed to report another huge blow for Joe Biden in Florida where President Trump was greeted by hundreds of supporters while Joe Biden waved at an empty field.

Video below:

Biden’s support appears to be slipping among Latino voters, who make up roughly 26% of the state’s population. Even the mainstream media pools like the NBC News/Marist College poll who was released earlier this month showed Biden lagging behind Mr. Trump among likely Latino voters, receiving 46% support from likely Latino voters compared to 50% support for Mr. Trump. Exit polls from 2016 showed that the majority of Latinos in the state-backed Hillary Clinton, although Cubans were about twice as likely to support Mr. Trump as non-Cuban Latinos.

NBC is clearly freaking out that their candidate is in trouble:

Never has any candidate in American history faced this level of total, shameless media opposition, as has Donald J. Trump.


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